Blue Skies Weather and Climate Services Limited has been around for over 30 years.  We started off in 1987 with no clients and a strong belief that it was possible to offer a better service than the state-owned forecaster.  These days we have a lot more clients and the same belief.

Blue Skies works on the principle that if you have accurate knowledge of future weather, you should be able to profit from it.  For many clients that involves mitigating the likely impacts of unfavorable weather – for example, if you know heavy snow is on the way you can move stock to a safe location and expect to avoid losses. However, some of our clients have a way to take advantage of a good weather forecast – if you know its going to be cold at the races tomorrow night you don’t bother making sandwiches, you take the pies out of the freezer and fill up the pie warmer!

Some clients want to know what is going to happen in the next few days. Most are interested in the next week to ten days. But increasingly we are developing expertise in longer range and seasonal forecasting. Many of our clients now subscribe to outlooks for the next six weeks, and anticipating trends for the next season (or two, or three).

Our goal is to help you get a better result by taking the weather into account – whether that means changing your game plan or being better prepared.  We have access to all the latest computer models and data services from around the globe, but best of all we have years of experience producing weather forecasts and long range seasonal outlooks right here in New Zealand, for clients just like you.