If you are wanting a forecast for Christchurch or Canterbury, you can call our weather line 0900 4CAST (thats 0900 42278, calls cost 99c per minute).  If you want to see a written forecast for South Island areas then the CRT web site has a feed of our forecasts available to the public.

We do a lot of different types of forecasting for our different clients needs.

We can forecast the weather on short time scales (e.g. an hourly basis for the next day or two), in a detailed way for the next 7 days or so, in a general way for the 7-10 days after that, and in a seasonal way for a few months ahead.

We have clients in many different fields who find good weather forecasts useful and productive:

Film production – on location knowing what the weather is going to do can save time and money, and help you capture that special light.  We have been providing film production companies with forecasts for over 15 years, and in that time have worked for all the major Hollywood studios, the BBC, Sir Peter Jackson, and many local producers and directors. Whether its a 3 month schedule with multiple units traveling the country or a 3 day commercial in the outdoors, we can help.

Farmers and growers –

Local authorities and utilities – We provide forecasts for territorial local authorities around the country which are used for many different purposes – civil defense and emergency management, air pollution prediction, water use prediction, coastal erosion, and many others.  We can also provide forecasts for specific industries with special needs – forecasts to help manage dust emissions, predict electricity demand, predict electricity production, schedule downtime, and many more.

The media –

Retail – We have a few clients who find advance weather knowledge very helpful in planning retail sales – ranging from 10-15 day lead times for staff management, to whether to defrost pies or make sandwiches for this weekend’s sports event,

Unusual and interesting jobs – we love helping people with unusual weather related problems find innovative and worthwhile forecast solutions – helping keep staff safe, or more productive, to minimize waste or maximize effectiveness – over the years we’ve come up with specialised forecasts which have helped in many different situations – mountain races, high altitude filming, possum control, sports betting, event management, and yes, even the proverbial ice cream sales!