Welcome to the world of Blue Skies

I created Blue Skies Weather in 1987 at a time when weather services in New Zealand were shifting from a fully government funded to a competitive commercial enterprise.   Since then Blue Skies has provided over half a million weather forecasts to clients throughout the country (and a few overseas as well).  As the company’s managing director and chief forecaster throughout that period, I have kept a close eye on most of those forecasts, and created a fair few of them myself.

What makes a Blue Skies forecast different? In an industry increasingly dominated by computer models and automated systems, I can assure you that every forecast Blue Skies creates is overseen by a human being – a real forecaster who knows how the weather works infinitely better than any computer model, and who uses up-to-the minute computer data as the basis for a hand-crafted forecast.  By ensuring a high degree of hands-on input, Blue Skies can make sure that the forecasts we supply to you are of the highest quality.

I don’t make any claims about the accuracy of Blue Skies’ forecasts, except to say that as a business Blue Skies is totally reliant on customers paying for products and services. Unlike some forecasters in New Zealand Blue Skies doesn’t have multi-million dollar contracts with the government.  Blue Skies earns all its income the hard way – by creating and selling weather products that people value and are prepared to pay for.

If you work in a weather sensitive industry, I’m sure Blue Skies can make a difference to you – we can help increase your profits by taking advantage of the opportunities good weather can provide, and we can help mitigate your losses and reduce your costs when bad weather strikes. (Although I have heard it said that there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes!).  If you think custom-made weather forecasts might help you, then get in touch, and I’ll see what Blue Skies can do.

Tony Trewinnard